Great Expectations on PM’s UAE Visit, says Dr Azad Moopen

KOZHIKODE: While it is just three days to go for a historic UAE visit by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Dr Azad Moopen, Chairman and Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare expresses his excitement and happiness on the visit of an Indian Prime Minister to the UAE after a gap of 34 years. He urges the central government to consider an NRI insurance scheme.

“We extend a heartfelt welcome to the honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi to the UAE. He is the first Prime Minister of India to visit the UAE after 34 years. This is a historic moment for all the Indians here as well as the expats home.

Considering the population statistics of the UAE, where about 88 percent of the total population is expatriates, among which 50 percent are Indians, this visit has historic importance. I believe the visit will definitely have a lot of impact on the relationships between the two countries and it will bring a tremendous impact in various fields.

There are a lot of discussions going on and a lot of decisions will be taken. However, I would like to mention there is a huge requirement to having an insurance scheme for the NRIs who return to India after their retirement. Many of them face extreme difficulties when they face major illnesses. If the government of India can initiate a scheme where NRIs can contribute while they are working here by subscribing to an insurance scheme over a period of time, they can utilize it when they return. It may be a great relief for them. I hope this will be taken up along with the other topics of discussion. I believe this visit of Modiji to the UAE will be a historic moment as well as an occasion for both the countries to strengthen the relationship.”